Criteria for precision diagnosis formulation in personalization

by | Oct 17, 2023 | งานวิจัย

To formulate the criteria for precision diagnosis in personalization

Since the existing diagnosis criteria is formulated from what are seen or from findings, but not from what exactly it is, which is the precision diagnosis. Then there will be exact or precision therapy or personalized which one can anticipate the highest effective measure (as high as 80% of those who have the same precision diagnosis.)

The precision diagnosis from routine practice in case no one knows what it is

The precision diagnosis is able to be initiated from routine practice-checking list of signs and symptoms of existing and standard diagnostic criteria of a disease. All the signs and symptoms in the check list that occur at 70% or more of all the patients who had been diagnosed as the designated disease.
Then those patients that of various measures fulfill the precision diagnostic criteria would be followed up to assess the effectiveness of what they were prescribed.

Prepare to confirm what it is from routine practicing

Although there are several ways to find out, one of the approach is the routine daily of the therapeutic outcome as high as 80% effectiveness (by therapeutic end point time) of those who had been precisely diagnosed. The mechanism of the therapy will assist in shedding the light of what it is which will be confirmed by other conventional researches later on.

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